5 reasons to try tree climbing in Chamonix

Would you like to enjoy the pleasures of a sporty walk in the forest without going far from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc? Then tree climbing in Chamonix is the activity for you! Go from one branch to another at several meters high, all in the middle of nature on 100% safe courses adapted to adults and children. Go higher and higher to admire the breathtaking landscapes of the Chamonix valley. In this article you will discover 5 good reasons to try tree climbing in Chamonix as well as the best tree climbing park in town!

5 reasons to try tree climbing in the mountains


1. A fun family outing


Tree climbing in Chamonix is an activity that is suitable for all generations – it can be appealling to all members of your family, whatever their age! The tree parks in the Chamonix valley offer a variety of fun courses with different levels of difficulty. There are areas for children from 3 years old, but also for adults of all levels: the most daring will find some joy at the very top of the trees, while the more cautious can do simple and fun courses in the company of their children and teenagers. The whole family can evolve independently on the different courses so that everyone can go at their own pace.


2. Fill up on thrills and chills


Bring out your inner child and try tree climbing in Chamonix. This high-altitude activity offers you an incredible view of the mountain and allows you to awaken your adventurous spirit by riding along ziplines to fill up on adrenaline! Tree climbing is an original activity which consists in moving from tree to tree. Face your fear at your own pace in complete safety and enjoy a unique feeling of freedom, alone in the middle of the trees. Between balance exercises and jumps into the void, you’ll make unforgettable memories!


3. Enjoy the wilderness


The advantage of tree climbing in Chamonix is that you combine a breath of fresh air with a good dose of greenery. In the middle of the forest, surrounded by the magnificent mountainous landscapes of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, these fun adventures are suitable for the whole family and take place in a 100% natural environment. For a whole day or half a day of this activity, enjoy the fresh air of the woods, listen to the birds singing and recharge your batteries in the middle of nature.


4. Physical activity


If you lack the motivation to exercise during your holidays, tree climbing in Chamonix is the activity for you! Much more than a leisure activity, it’s a physical activity: you might feel a bit sore the next day! In a tree park, you will have to work all the muscles of your body to overcome obstacles and keep your balance. Not only do you clear your mind and free yourself from the hassles of everyday life, but you also exercise your body and improve your well-being.


5. Challenge yourself safely


The final advantage of tree climbing in Chamonix is that you can challenge yourself completely safely. Thanks to the self-belaying technique (initially used in mountain climbing), you will be able to move around on a completely safe course. There are levels suitable for all ages, from ages 3 and older. In addition to its fun aspect, tree climbing in the mountains allows you to develop many skills such as:

  • balance
  • control over your body
  • control over your fear of heights
  • concentration
  • self-reliance
  • responsibility
  • overcoming your limitations.


If you have children who are afraid of heights, there are even activities that help them deal with their fear of heights and perhaps even overcome their phobia!


Where to go tree climbing in Chamonix?


The Accro’Park des Gaillands is the largest adventure park in the Chamonix Valley. Located in the Gaillands forest, it offers 6 courses with over 100 workshops and an unforgettable experience. Footbridges, monkey bridges, nets, tree hopping and jumps into the void, giant ziplines facing Mont-Blanc: this tree park in Chamonix is inspired by high mountain climbs for you to enjoy a thrilling experience in a natural setting. The different courses are divided by minimum height requirement and difficulty (“parcours” means “course”) as follows:

  • Parcours Pitchoun (from 1m to 1,30m): a fun adventure suitable for smaller kids.
  • Parcours Pitchoun+ (from 1m to 1,30m): for more daring little adventurers.
  • Parcours Vert (“Green”, from 1,30m to 1,45m): to face the void in a gentle way and learn how to balance properly.
  • Parcours Bleu (“Blue”, from 1,45m): suitable for a family session.
  • Parcours Rouge (“Red”, from 1,45m): for greater thrills and containing the longest zipline in the whole park
  • Parcours Noir (“Black”, from 1,45m): the most thrilling and adrenaline-filled course in the park.