Activities for children in Chamonix

The warm weather is back and days are longer and sunnier… Our children want to go outside and enjoy many outdoor activities.

If your children are curious, the Chamonix Valley is a place that stirs curiosity and makes them want to experience nature. To learn more about this beautiful valley, take them explore the flora and fauna by visiting zoos and natural reserves.

In the Chamonix Valley, you will discover Merlet animal park. In an idyllic setting, enjoy a short hike to prolong your children’s pleasures of being among animals. The Merlet Park, located at the entrance of Chamonix, invites you the time of a two-hour walk to find out the secrets of the mountains. Discover the little chamois, the marmots who hibernate around 4 p.m., the sheep recognizable by their curled horns, the ibex (the kings of the mountain), even some lamas from the Andes, and all the other species crossing the prairies of the Chamonix Valley.

For sunny days, several free activities for children in Chamonix are offered : exhibition on the history of Merlet Animal Park, a video projection on the alpine flora, an animation on marmots, explanations on the wooden cycle (how to recognize age, sex, health of the animal by its horns). Something to satisfy the kids ! And that ‘s not all because in the Merlet animal park, animals roam freely and are easily approached.

However, it is strictly required to respect their space and maintain a safe distance. Some rules must be respected for your safety and respect of the animals. You must imperatively remain on marked trails, leave some ten meters between you and the animals, do not try to touch them, be calm and discreet. You should give any food to animals. For hikers, the parking of the animal park is also a starting point of l’Aiguillette des Houches.

Also in order to discover the fauna and flora of the Valley, the Boutique Hotel Le Morgane invites you to discover the natural reserve of Aiguilles Rouges. Facing the majestic Mont Blanc, the Aiguilles Rouges massif borders the Chamonix Valley on the right bank and also offers a multitude of typical animal species (ibex, chamois, rock ptarmigan, golden eagles, rhododendrons, Callunes etc …).

Rest assured that your children will have a front row seat at this permanent show.

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