Ski Hire in Chamonix: Rent Your Skis and Boots

Les Houches, Les Grands Montets, Balme et Brévent-La Flégère. Chamonix boasts four magnificent skiable areas to the great delight of skiers from all over the world who come to enjoy the vastness of a pure white blanket of snow. The station is known for its 87 miles of perfectly groomed slopes that await you within the most breathtaking settings. The Mont Blanc itself is there to dazzle one and all! Yet, despite the infinite pleasure such superb landscapes bring, taking your own skis with you is not always an option. Fortunately, there exist several solutions for ski hire in Chamonix.

Ski Hire in Chamonix: Your Hotel Takes Care of Everything!

Did you know that our hotel in Chamonix can take care of your ski equipment reservation for you? Our ski room is at your disposal and gives you somewhere to tidy away your gear, boots and skis. Le Morgane’s special deals start at €103 per person and per night and include your overnight stay, breakfast, as well as a cham-pass skiing package.

Thanks to our partnership with local skiing schools, you can benefit from courses throughout the holiday season. These group classes are designed to help you further your practice all while taking full advantage of the slopes. Finally, Le Morgane Hotel offers its own skiing packages in Chamonix: you won’t have to worry about any of the pragmatic details and can start enjoying your holidays the minute you get here.


Ski Shops in Chamonix

You could also turn to a local specialist for your ski and boot hire in Chamonix. Several shops are at your disposal and strive to provide customised advice to their customers. One of the main benefits of going to a shop to rent your skis is that you will be able to take your time and to try on various options. This means your equipment will be impeccably suited to your personal practice and to the activities you have in mind.

One of the most complicated parts of ski hire, in Chamonix or anywhere else, does remain selecting the ideal length for your skis or the perfect level of rigidity. By talking with a professional, you will be certain to make the right choice. Sporting the appropriate gear, you will be sure your session goes without a hitch and you will never compromise your own security.

Finally, shops that specialise in ski and boot hire in Chamonix also offer a concierge service and can clean and maintain your equipment for you following a busy day on the slopes. Because this chore could impact your security, it should not be neglected.


Online Ski Hire in Chamonix

When it comes to online ski hire in Chamonix, prices are typically lower than what you may find at physical shops. This is because such services are more appropriate for those who already know what kind of gear suits them best. In addition, online ski and boot hire in Chamonix gives you the possibility to compare prices easily, and even to benefit from “family” offers.

Another advantage online rental has over shops is that you won’t have to wait as long! The incredible beauty of Chamonix and its surroundings attracts thousands of tourists who all need to rent skis. If your weekend in Chamonix is already filled to the brim or you are only there on a short break, you won’t want to waste any precious time before hitting the slopes. Make sure to read the comments and to compare several offers beforehand and you won’t have to queue up once there.

Finally, after a lovely day spent sliding down the powdery slopes, unwind at your hotel Le Morgane’s wellness spa!