Step into the Void, Aiguille du Midi Glass Skywalk

The Mont-Blanc is a magnificent site tourist that polarizes thousands of visitors to Chamonix every year. Tourists from around the world appreciate the Mont-Blanc for its multiple attractions and particularly the “Step in the Void”. If you’re about to visit Chamonix the coming days, this article helps you discover the Aiguille du Midi Glass Skywalk and its attractions.

Towards discovering the Step in the Void

The “Step into the Void” appears to be a glass room constructed around a metal frame. There are three glass walls, ceiling and floor panels, that allow tourists to resist vertigo and experience a huge space under their feet without any risk.

Each of the glass panels is built according to the highest standards for clarity and safety. The five glass panels have, each of them, a thickness of 12 mm and are made up of three layers of glass bound together. The structure is strong enough to withstand a maximal temperature of 60° and wind up to 220 km/h.

The construction work has been done by Pierre-Yves Chays, who started on 19 September 2013 with the approval of the Mont-Blanc observatory. The “Step into the Void” was indeed inspired by the “Skywalk”, which is a big glass walkway that overlooks the Grand Canyon at the level of the US state of Arizona.

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Step in the Void, a true delight

Amazing tourist attraction, the “Step into the Void” is operated and owned by the CMB. The site is installed at the level of the Aiguille du Midi’s uppermost terrace. The Aiguille du Midi’s summit is the closest that can help you reach Mont-Blanc without crampons. It is the starting point when you strive to ascend the Mont-Blanc. Once you reach there, you’ll access in the winter sports like off-piste skiing or paragliding and hiking in the autumn/summer seasons.

The Aiguille du Midi Glass Skywalk is rallied every year by a great number of visitors, as the Mont-Blanc observatory can confirm it. In order to provide a better experience to the tourists, the CMB started in 2011 a great project that includes an entire rehabilitation of the location. And obviously, the Step in Void is an integral part of this project which is estimated at 2,1 million euros. A mountaineering museum, an alpinism memorabilia and an ice-cave have been set.

Step in the Void: The Travel Times

In normal circumstances, it takes an hour at least to reach the “Step into the Void” when you come from Chamonix. But you may spend two or three hours to access the site in high season. In exceptional circumstances, you’ll have the possibility to get to the summit in record time. Indeed, the elevators and cable cars can help move quickly but there are most of the time much delay between the stages.

Once you reach the Aiguille du Midi complex, a short walk will bring you to the elevator which helps get to the top platform. As the elevator is small, the Mont-Blanc observatory regulated the number of people who visit the platform, to avoid overcrowding. Then, you may spend 20 to 30 minutes waiting in the queue during the high season.

By the time you’re about to access the Aiguille du Midi Glass Skywalk, ensure you have good shoes and warm clothing, because you’ll certainly get cold at 3842 m altitude. Remember to carry your sunglasses as well as your camera. If you happen to need refreshments or get cold, a souvenir shop and a camera are available at the summit.