Weekend in Chamonix

The French Alps embody one of those dream holiday destinations everyone should at least go to once in a lifetime. Not only does the area feature some of the most amazing sights one could ever behold, but each season creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wealth of activities, even during a very short stay.

Here are six of the most wonderful options for an unforgettable weekend in Chamonix.

1.       Ski Weekend in Chamonix

In autumn, winter, and in the beginning of spring, the beautiful, powdery snow is one of Chamonix’s main attractions. Those who decide to spend a weekend in our Morgane Hôtel in Chamonix can benefit from an all-inclusive package which will allow them to start enjoying this winter wonderland from the minute they arrive. Our Snow Package includes accommodation, half-board, ski equipment and passes for the perfect family getaway. The Aiguille du Midi, Les Grands Montets, Brevent-Flégère and many more exceptional slopes await you!

2.      Hikes

While on your ski weekend in Chamonix, you may want to take a few hours away from the powdery slopes to put on your hiking shoes and explore the awe-inspiring valley. Some of the most incredible Chamonix hikes include the very famous Lac Blanc walk, the path along the Aiguillette des Posettes, the steep inclines of the dramatic Albert Premier track and the breathtaking Lac Cornu.

3.      Spa Weekend

Sometimes, a relaxing weekend in Chamonix, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is all you need to feel truly refreshed. Treat yourself to a couple of days of pure bliss at Le Morgane’s spa. A stay at our hotel grants you unrestricted access to our reposeful pool, sauna, hammam and treatment booths. Allow nature to heal body and soul through our Deep Nature Spa treatment.

4.      Cultural Heritage

While the striking beauty of the Alpine nature is what Chamonix is most well known for, the area also has much to offer from a cultural perspective. Oftentimes, culture and nature come together, as is the case with the third most visited site in France: The Aiguille du Midi. Take a cable car up to 3,800 metres to admire one of the most unforgettable vistas in the world. In the centre of Chamonix, the Alpine Museum is another must-see where you will learn all there is to know about the history of the valley.

5.      Gourmet Discoveries

The Morgane Hôtel knows how to combine an extraordinary ski weekend in Chamonix with the most amazing culinary experience. Our delightful Chamonix restaurant, Le Comptoir des Alpes, is an invitation to send your taste buds on the most delicious voyage. At a crossroads between Alpine and Mediterranean flavours, our Franco-Italian dishes are an ode to vibrant, fresh ingredients. Chamonix also boasts a plethora of other restaurants where you will experience all the taste and character of local dishes.

6.      Flora and Fauna

The Alps are home to some unique animals and plants. While on a summer hike, you may be able to admire herds of ibex (native wild goats), chamois, marmots enjoying wild bilberries, bearded vultures (with a wingspan of 3 metres!), golden eagles and more. You may be lucky enough to come across the queen of alpine flowers, the rare and protected edelweiss. Blueberries, however, are a much more common and delicious find along the alpine trails. And, if you want to see even more beautiful animals, the Parc de Merlet will not disappoint!


Whether you prefer to enjoy a ski weekend in Chamonix or are in the mood for more varied activities, this beautiful Alpine region has much to offer to those looking to savour a little down time.